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iSun Energy Group partners with NRI Energy Storage

Mating EV charging, distributed solar power with advanced battery systems enables iSun solar carports with off-grid, emergency power and grid services

Montreal, QC and Waterbury, VT (Sept. 18th, 2019) – iSun Energy, a participant in the upcoming Horizon19 Sustainability Conference in Boston, Mass, from Sept 19th and 20th, 2019 is pleased to announce its partnership with Northern Reliability, Inc. (“NRI”) of Waterbury, Vermont, in the combination of its advanced solar power canopies with Northern’s battery systems.

“This partnership builds on the foundation of our iSun Energy software platform to add grid-services to our iSun systems, thus enabling new revenue streams to site owners and providing utilities with assets capable of supporting their grids. We have chosen NRI due to their tremendous technological edge and experience in the delivery of robust, smart and connected battery systems from the frigid Arctic to the heat of the Sahara desert, said Sass M. Peress, CEO of the iSun Energy group. ”This combination with our solar carport systems continue our drive to add more benefits to our unique canopy hardware and software options. The ability to charge EVs when the grid is down, expensive or better used for other purposes, will enable benefits for site owners, utilities and even EV owners seeking the greenest, most robust solution for charging their electric vehicles. NRI’s vast experience in providing customizable battery systems will be key to enabling iSun’s customers in the pursuit of clean energy for clean mobility.” 

Jay Bellows President & CEO of NRI remarked, “The future of renewable energy is about integration into the traditional grid and allowing control of those assets in a financially meaningful way .  Allowing end-users and utilities alike to stack the benefits of EV charging and green generation is key to seeing the platform widespread across the US and beyond.  Our work with iSun is moving this vision forward quickly.” 

About iSun Energy

iSun Energy is a brand of solar energy and electric vehicle technology charging solutions. The groups of Canadian and American-based companies are on a mission to create clean energy and mobility, through the delivery of smart, connected, resilient and attractive solar power shading structures. Using state of the art solar and EV charging technology, combined with innovative all-aluminum proprietary structures and grid-smart ready management software, iSun Energy has created a line of solar power shading systems for residential to commercial applications, available and configurable to user delight on its website at

About NRI

Northern Reliability is an EPC energy storage firm based in Waterbury, Vermont.  With one of the first engineering teams in the energy storage field boasting over 40+ years of experience, NRI delivers small to large scale energy storage solutions around the  globe. With over 1000 systems deployed on all seven continents NRI supports utilities and direct end users with customized and innovative power and energy storage systems as large as 26MWh.   Northern Reliability’s suite of projects is detailed further at

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