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Customer performance monitor

Using a data collection device in our SC series controllers, Northern Reliability has the ability to collect pertinent data points at predetermined intervals. Our data collection capabilities allow us to map, trend and alarm all of the parameters that are critical to the optimum performance of the system. Data is collected from the SC-100, inverter, charge controller, battery, environmental systems and loads at a frequency of one minute intervals and written to a data base. Files are uploaded from the system on a once per fifteen minute interval basis using a user ID/Password protected cellular modem. The uploaded files are then written to a web enabled application that is also user ID and password protected. Since the web application is “read only” the system being monitored is protected from outside interference.


NRI's North-View (controls and monitoring software) improves grid management via efficient functions such as: 

  • Intelligent asset integration & management EX: Predetermined setpoints and learning algorithms determine how wind turbines, PV and generators work with one another. 

  • Data visualization of key elements

  • Integration with a Google API for fleet management

  • Battery status and current state of charge (SOC)

  • Compare and contrast trending

  • Remote configuration and controllable features

  • Data downloads

  • Component setpoint management

  • IP based communications using Ethernet, DSL, Cell Modem or Satellite

  • Load management, or grid interoperability features such as:

    • Grid Zero

    • Grid Assist

    • Sell Back.

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